I really love this book and its inspirational message about values that bind us together as Americans – freedom, respect, gratitude, and service.  Our world is very complex, which makes it even more important today for us to teach our children how we share these ideals and that they are part of our common experience.  I grew up inspired by our space program, which I think is a reflection of the American spirit, and believing that we live in a country where we can pursue our dreams. I am so glad to see a book that encourages children to dream big and embraces our country’s foundational principles.

Tim Kopra

Colonel, U.S. Army (retired) and former NASA Astronaut

What Does It Mean To Be American? is a vivid reminder that every American is part of something bigger than themselves. Nina Mata’s remarkable illustrations pair perfectly with DiOrio and Yoran’s lyrical prose to teach kids that we can achieve excellence by practicing integrity, both individually and as a nation of individuals working together.

General Craig R. McKinley

United States Air Force (Retired)

Beautifully written and vividly illustrated, this book is a great starting point for kids of all ages to ponder what being an American means to them and the common bonds that unite us all.

Jack Reed

U.S. Senator

With engaging illustrations and an accessible text, What Does It Mean to Be American? orients children to the spirit of our inclusive, optimistic country. This book is a great way to teach kids about some of our country’s most important commitments.

Ganesh Sitaraman

author of The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution: Why Economic Inequality Threatens Our Republic, one of The New York Times' 100 Notable Books of 2017

Reading this book with my young children and following the lessons learned will mold them into the Americans I want them to be.

Alejandro Villanueva

Pro Bowl NFL player, former US Army Ranger, decorated veteran of Afghanistan, and first generation American